Organization and Structure

Executive Member List

Position Name Field
President Kwon, O-Gon Chairman of the Conference of Parties to the International Criminal Court Attorney of Kim & Chang / Director of the International Law Institute
Vice President Kim, In-Kyeom Deputy Director of Court Administration
Vice President Vacancy in the
board of directors
Deputy Secretary-General of the Constitutional Court
Vice President Kim, Osu Vice Justice Minister
Vice President Lee, Chae-Moon Deputy Director of the Korean Bar Association
Vice President Jeong Oung-Seok Vice President of the Korean Legal Professor Association
General Director Lee, Sun-Hee Professor of Law at Sungkyunkwan University
Financial Director Yeom, Dong-Shin Attorney at SHIN & KIM
Research Director Lee, Yeon-Kab Professor at Yonsei University School of Law
Planning Director Chung, Kyo-Hwa Director at Corporate·External and Legal Affairs of Microsoft Korea
Business Director Bae, Byung-Il Professor of Law at Youngnam University
Public Director Lim, Sue-Hyun Secretary-General of KCAB INTERNATIONAL
Director Yu, Sang-Jae Seoul High Court Judge
Director Song, Hyun-Kyung Professor of Judicial Research and Training Center (Director Judge)
Director Kim, In-Sook Director General of the Constitutional Court
Director Lee, Yong-Goo The Attorney General of the Ministry of Justice
Director Jeon, Tae-Seok Director General for Legal Affairs
Director Park, Ha-Young The Director of Legal Affairs and Justice
Director Wang, Mi-Yang Secretary-General of the Korean Bar Association
Director Kim, Ji-Young Director of the Korean Bar Association
Director Kim, Jae-Kwang Secretary General of The Korea Law Professors Association
Director Lee, Choon-Won Deputy Secretary General of The Korea Law Professors Association
Director Park, Kyoung-Soo Director General for Legal Affairs
Auditor Hong, Dong-Ki Director for Planning and Coordination at Court Administration
Auditor Moon, Chan-Seok Director of Planning and Coordination, Supreme Public Prosecutors ' Office

Editorial Board

Position Name Field
Editor in Chief /
Head Commissioner
Lee, Yeon-Kab Civil Law
Member (Court) Kim, Sun-Il Criminal Law
Member (Court) Lee, Jung-Won Taxation
Member (Court) Kwon, Sung-Soo Civil/Administrative
Member (Prosecution) Park, Ha-Young Criminal Law
Member (Prosecution) Kim, Tae-Hoon Criminal Law
Member (Bar Association) Kim, You-Jin Commercial Law
Member (Bar Association) Moon, Yong-Ho Constitutional Law
Member (Professor) Kang, Pyoung-Keun International Law
Member (Professor) Park, Kyun-Sung Administrative Law
Member (Professor) Bae, Byung-Il Civil Law
Member (Professor) Song, Jong-Joon Common Law
Member (Professor) Shin, Yang-Kyun Criminal Law