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Juridical Paper Award

In order to encourage research in law and legal fields and to contribute to the improvement of our legal culture, each year a paper by an individual in the field of jurisprudence and one by a legal practitioner is selected to receive the Juridical Paper Award.

Nominated papers (including case studies, but excluding theses and joint essays) must be legal research papers written by members (judges, prosecutors, lawyers, constitutional judges, constitutional researchers (aide), law professors, legislative officers, military judges, and public service attorneys), and published in various legal academic journals within the twelve-month period beginning in October and ending in November of the following year (e.g., October 2016 to November 2017). Candidates are nominated independently or jointly by institutions, academies, law schools, and editorial committees commissioned by the Society. Winning papers are chosen by the judging committee whose members are composed according to the regulations of the Society's Juridical Paper Award.